Lady Gaga Brings an Artrave to Montreal

lady gagalady-gaga-performance-mirrors-billboard-650There is a certain coolness about someone who is what she is and makes no apologies for it. Lady Gaga, to me, has always seemed like the child of David Bowie and Madonna. She is outlandish, overt, creative, unpredictable, always evolving, and incredibly talented.  You either buy into it or are repelled by it.  Those who are critics claim that this is less about music and more about the fashion and spectacle of it all.  If you are a fan you enjoy the freedom she represents and the fact that she is bottom line an artist.

Seeing a Lady Gaga concert (and I have seen her twice live) is more about the entire experience than an evening of music.  She, with a bigger budget obviously, is continuing the performance art that she used to do in small New York City clubs.  Make no mistake, her music is very important to her and her fans as it is the medium for her message.  The lady can sing, is a passable dancer (this is where Madonna is leagues beyond her) and writes incredibly catchy pop songs.

The music over the course of an evening with her varies back and forth between surprisingly crunchy rock to the disco/dance/pop tunes that have made her a chart staple over the past few years.  Hearing most of her catalogue over the course of a show makes you realize how many hits she has had over a short time.  From her earliest “Just Dance” to her latest “G.U.Y.” and hits in between like “Judas”, “Bad Romance” and “LoveGame” she has accumulated quite a few despite having released only three albums so far.

Additional Information:

-Date:  July 2, 2014

-Venue:  Bell Centre


-Ticket Purchase:

-Ticket Prices:  $55.50, $70.00, $106.75, $226.50 (plus handling charges)

-Show Time:

-Opening Acts:  Lady Starlight and Crayon Pop

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