Helix: The Complete First Season – Blu-ray Edition

helix season 1A product of the SyFy Network which is totally left of centre. Most who watch it go in with no expectations and as such are pleasantly surprised if they are up for all the twists and oddness that goes on. It is part horror, part medical drama. Helix happens on an isolated research compound in the Arctic. One thing leads to another and a virus is unleashed which turns those infected by it into zombie-like creatures. It starts off simple enough then goes down a very windy road that leaves you not knowing if you are coming or going. The cast does a good job, the effects are decent and the scary parts actually are creepy.

Episode 1: Pilot: The scientific team of Dr. Alan Farragut (played by Billy Campbell) is brought to a remote research facility in the Arctic. Farragut’s brother, Dr. Peter Farragut (played by Neil Napier), is there but has been infected with a strange and deadly virus.

Episode 2: Vector: The team tries to come up with a treatment for those infected with the virus. They also aim to contain it by hunting down those infected with it.

Episode 3: 274: It is day three and Peter is trying to get Alan to help him before he collapses. Peter’s attack on her begins to take its toll on Dr. Julia Walker (played by Kyra Zagorsky).

Episode 4: Single Strand: It is day four and Peter’s condition is quickly getting worse. Alan is forced to test the universal treatment without it being tested.

Episode 5: The White Room: After discovering Dr. Doreen Boyle’s (played by Catherine Lemieux) body Alan tries to figure out what happened to her. Dr. Sarah Jordan (played by Jordan Hayes) keeps an infected person hidden in her room.

Episode 6: Aniqatiga: Alan and Jordan’s work on decoding the virus is making some progress. Dr. Hiroshi Hitake (played by Hiroyuki Sanada) is working on curing Julia.

Episode 7: Survivor Zero: Hitake saves Julia from the mercenaries. The mercenaries are led by Constance Sutton (played by Jeri Ryan).

Episode 8: Bloodline: Vectors take over Peter’s body. Julia is taken prisoner by Constance.

Episode 9: Level X: Alan and Julia try to collect what remains of the NARVIK virus in order to destroy it. Major Sergio Balleseros (played by Mark Ghanime) attempts an escape of the facility in order to try and save a village.

Episode 10: Fushigi: Alan and Julia try to get to an abandoned satellite station in order to make a call for help. Once there they see the method behind the madness of Hitake’s plan.

Episode 11: Black Rain: The team makes some advances in coming up with a cure. Thanks to Julia’s donation Sarah recovers quickly.

Episode 12: The Reaping: Hitake, Julia and Alan try to come up with a plan to neutralize ILARIA’s special team. Julia and Daniel Aerov (played by Meegwun Fairbrother) find themselves in serious danger.

Episode 13: Dans L’Ombre: Alan and Julia have to devise a way to stop the Scythe (played by Robert Naylor). The Scythe is trying to get the virus and spread it around the globe.

Special Features: Deleted Scenes, Ronald D. Moore: The Outlier of Science Fiction, The Future of Disease, Writing the Tension, The Art of Isolation, Outtakes, Dissecting the Characters, Fabricating the Plague

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