Toni Braxton & Babyface – Love Marriage & Divorce

toni braxton and babyfaceTwo R&B heavyweights have gotten together to talk about the subject most sung about – relationships. Here we have the beginning (love), middle (marriage) and end (divorce) of relationships. Both singers have been through all three stages so you would have to think they know of what they sing. I thought it would be a little cheesy but to tell you the truth it ends up working. There is plenty of showing that relationships are complex and deals with all the emotions very honestly. So much honesty that you would have to think that there is definitely some autobiographical stuff here. They start off the album by stating the fact that every relationship is going to have its up and down moments. This is conveyed in the opening track “Roller Coaster”. Most of the songs are a duet between the artists that have sixteen Grammy Awards between them. It is on tracks like “Hurt You” and “Heart Attack” that you really get a full sense of the chemistry these two singers have going on. That chemistry is a big part of why the album is a success.

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