the bridge the complete first seasonThe border to the south of the United States has become quite an area of concern for Americans over the past couple of years. Adapted from a Danish/Swedish show this one concentrates on the border between the United States and Mexico with the thousands of people that cross over it illegally. The two cities in the show are El Paso, Texas and Cuidad Juarez as they are connected with the Bridge of the Americas. One evening a blackout occurs around the Bridge. When the lights come back on a body is on the imaginary line that separates the two countries. Two different police forces show up to investigate the murder. Upon closer investigation they realize that the body is not one but two meaning the torso is from one body with the bottom half being from another. One part being American with the other being Mexican. As you can imagine shock, confusion and conflict arises.

Episode 1: Pilot: El Paso detective Sonya Cross (played by Diane Kruger) and Chihuahua State Police Officer Marco Ruiz (played by Demian Bechir) are forced to work together on a murder case. A body is discovered on the Bridge connecting El Paso and Cuidad Juarez.

Episode 2: Calaca: As they continue with their investigation Sonya and Marco are led to Daniel Frye (played by Matthew Lillard), a reporter the killer has selected as their messenger. After finding something that was hidden on her property Charlotte (played by Annabeth Gish) learns more and more about her husband’s dealings.

Episode 3: Rio: Nine Mexicans are poisoned and the trail leads to Steven Linder (played by Thomas Wright), a non-typical social worker. Charlotte’s refusal to have things go as they always did leads to something gruesome.

Episode 4: Maria of the Desert: Charlotte finally gives in to her husband’s business associates. What used to happen behind closed doors is now public knowledge.

Episode 5: The Beast: It is two days after the ransom drop and the rescue of Maria (played by Karen Sours). When the killer finally makes contact he lets Sonya know why the FBI have been keeping things from her.

Episode 6: ID: Sonya and Marco try their best to get information out of a scared young witness. They hope this information will help them identify The Beast.

Episode 7: Destino: When the police capture a killer they believe they have the Bridge Butcher. Sonya does not believe who they have is the killer.

Episode 8: Vendetta: The more Sonya looks into it the more she is convinced that Jack Childress (played by Chris Browning) is not their man. This is proven correct when another killing happens and the body turns up in the library.

Episode 9: The Beetle: Linder seeks advice from Bo (played by Jon Gries) on how to deliver some bad news. Marco’s family are targeted to be the next victims.

Episode 10: Old Friends: Sonya and Marco are injured but still continue hunting down David Tate. Charlotte demonstrates she is willing to go a long way to protect what is hers.

Episode 11: Take the Ride, Pay the Toll: Marco begs with Tate not to blow them all up. Sonya remembers something and may know where Gus (played by Carlos Pratts) is.

Episode 12: All About Eva: Sonya uses Linder to patch things up with Marco. Charlotte teams up with an unlikely partner.

Episode 13: The Crazy Place: Sonya gets Marco to help her find Eva (played by Stephanie Sigman). Marco discovers how far he will go to get revenge.

Special Features: Building the Bridge, Cuidad Juarez: The Other Side of the Bridge with Damien Cave, Deleted Scenes