Elton John: The Million Dollar Piano – Blu-ray Edition

elton john the million dollar pianoFor Elton John throughout his career what has been important, maybe even more so that the music, has been the show. He is the consummate showman. Whether you are talking about the earlier part of his career with his crazy costumes and zany glasses or his recent stint in Las Vegas where the on stage wear and the glasses are less outlandish but the show is still all about keeping you visually entertained. He should be applauded for this because he accomplishes it without ever leaving his piano.  Elton John certainly comes from the Liberace school of music entertainment and is carrying on that tradition.

The only big complaint I have about this blu-ray is the sound. Despite what I said about the visuals being of utmost importance to Elton when you are watching him at home on your television the sound is kinda important too. It is a letdown and in plain English rather thin. What will not let you down is the stage. I mean, that should not be much of a surprise as this is Vegas, folks! First of all, it is immense. There are every type of light you could think of and immense projection screens. Even the custom made Yamaha piano has been constructed so images can be projected onto the side of it. It actually is a million dollar piano. Every effort is made to make it something you will remember.

Though I think I am going to be telling you what you already know if you are a fan here goes anyway…Though his voice has changed over the years and he cannot hit the higher notes he used to the man still has a great voice. The type of voice that is perfectly suited for this type of piano based rock ‘n roll. Despite the short sausage nature of his fingers he is somehow able to make them dance all over the eighty-eight keys of the piano. Even the way he plays and pounds it demonstrates his showman nature. That flair.

Set List:

1) The Bitch Is Back

2) Bennie And The Jets

3) Rocket Man

4) Levon

5) Tiny Dancer

6) Your Song

7) Mona Lisas And Mad Hatters

8) Better Off Dead

9) Indian Sunset

10) Blue Eyes

11) Goodbye Yellow Brick Road

12) I Guess That’s Why They Call It The Blues

13) Don’t Let The Sun Go Down On Me

14) Philadelphia Freedom

15) I’m Still Standing

16) Crocodile Rock

17) Saturday Night’s Alright For Fighting

18) Circle Of Life

19) Song For Guy

Special Features: Making The Million Dollar Piano, Live in Kiev

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