Iggy Azalea – The New Classic

iggy azalea new classicShe is a very interesting case this Iggy Azalea. First, she is from Australia but raps like she is from the Southern part of the United States. Second, even though this is her first full length album she carries herself with the confidence of a veteran on the scene not really giving a rat’s patootie what others think of her. And finally the girl seems to be able to come up with an endless amount of jams that will have you shaking your groove thang. Her music is stuck somewhere in the middle of pop and hip hop meaning that it is radio friendly. Without maybe knowing it you have been humming that “Fancy” song of hers for months now. Though, you really should have put two and two together as she spells out her name (I-G-G-Y) many times in it. The entire album is filled with fun (if you enjoy her constantly reminding you that she is an underdog and using a bit of language to do so) and catchy tracks. The second single off the album “Work” looks like it is going to do just as well as the first did. Though she is not your typical pop/female white rapper she does turn to some expected people as guest on The New Classic. Fellow oddball Rita Ora turns up on the song “Black Widow”, T.I. supplies some raps on “Change Your Life” and, of course, Charli XCX on the lead single. Proving she has a lot of talent at a very young age. Hopefully she will take things seriously and cultivate that talent not just concern herself with trying to come up with the next outrageous thing to do in a video or outfit to wear (yeah, I’m looking at you, Lady Gaga!).

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