tosh o collas plus exposed armsSometimes there are things on television that I just don’t get. Yes, I see the appeal in watching video clips from the Internet of people doing gross or dumb things. The clips do make me laugh and/or shock me. That is not the problem with Tosh.O. The problem with the show is Daniel Tosh. His racist, homophobic, sexist and every other kind of ism there is shtick doesn’t sit right with me. I know he is doing it to be edgy and comedy is allowed to go over boundaries that you normally you wouldn’t but there is being edgy and then there is just being plain offensive. After a while (thank God the show is only twenty some minutes) you just feel shell-shocked and want to curl up in the fetal position. Clips are funny but comedian Daniel Tosh just isn’t my cup of tea. Not for everyone but obviously there are some out there that enjoy it and keep this guy on television.

Episode 1: Videos featuring A rape victim’s brother Antoine Dodson, We have a winner, Daniel plays Angry Birds the old fashioned way and Viewer Video.

Episode 2: Videos featuring How Russian kids play in the snow, How do new moms get rid of baby weight, Video Breakdown and Here’s to the happy couple.

Episode 3: Videos featuring Taking out the white trash, A great way to start your morning, Unanswered questions and Lock this guy up immediately.

Episode 4: Videos featuring Bus stations are relaxing, Bestiality on the first date, Don’t interrupt me while I’m making a sandwich and Is it racist?

Episode 5: Videos featuring Human plinko, Black Clip of the Week, The evolution of dance and The Prank of the Week.

Episode 6: Videos featuring The crying wrestling fan, She knows what she’s doing, This is why I make my girlfriend pump and An interview with Oprah.

Episode 7: Videos featuring Hurl-a-Whirl, Hula hoop world record, A giant stick-up and The Parent of the Week.

Episode 8: Videos featuring Rechargeable penis, Gold medal of horrific landings, A shaving helmet and The foul ball couple.

Episode 9: Videos featuring A guy who knows how to handle himself in the water, Phil Davison: Rockin’ the vote, Giving Nigeria some junk mail and child pornography.

Episode 10: Videos featuring Show me some swingers, How mad cow disease started, Return of the Twitten By and Tosh Roast.

Episode 11: Videos featuring Most deadly 4th of July ever, Is seeing a woman wreck on a snowboard enjoyable?, “Chocolate Rain” by Tay Zonday and Fat fault.

Episode 12: Videos featuring Boom goes the dynamite, Taking a ride on the crazy train, A mouthful of wood and A dead squirrel.

Episode 13: Videos featuring The Naked Wizard, An actual bear hug, A patronizing slam dunk competition and Did I win?

Episode 14: Videos featuring The bug in mouth reporter, Gentlemen start your engines, Did you hear a click? And Respect the do not disturb sign.

Episode 15: Videos featuring Eye of the tiger, The muffin tops on the pillowtop, Old man gets struck by lightning and Coolest way to get in and out of your car.

Episode 16: Videos featuring Viewer Mail, Puff puff pass out, See how far you can throw a crackhead and The Metal Club.

Episode 17: Videos featuring Guess What Happens Next, The other other guys, Fan Phone Calls and The boy who got in trouble for farting on the school bus.

Episode 18: Videos featuring The Al Qaeda Daycare Program, Man’s best friend with benefits, What’s wrong with that dollar? and the Phillies Taser fan.

Episode 19: Videos featuring Why they’ll never use that tub again, First rule of fight club, Successful cannonball doogie and personal trainer Mike.

Episode 20: Videos featuring Time to put the ouch in couch, Tosh.O Marathon, Vehicular manslider and Is there really a leprechaun?

Episode 21: Videos featuring Pre-dog nap, 5 second rules, Web Investigation and That car didn’t pay its toll.

Special Features: Tiptoes Spoiler Uncut, Extended Interviews