True Blood: The Complete Sixth Season – Blu-ray Edition

true blood the complete sixth seasonThe sixth season of True Blood (the tale of vampires and other creatures living amongst humans in Bon Temps, Louisiana) seems to have struck a chord with whoever watched it.  Be it either newcomers or long-time fans.  That is exactly what a series wants is a reaction from viewers.  Though I am not sure all the reaction was seen as positive because the popular series has become quite divisive.  Some love the directions being taken while others are freaking out as they hate the plot and character choices.  It seems like the people behind the series are realizing that the end is near and want to go out with a bang.  As a result the vampires have been moved up front and centre while other formerly central characters are now in the background.  Suspense and drama have been amped up so sit back, strap yourself in and enjoy this somewhat bumpy ride.

Episode 1: Who Are You, Really?:  Bill (played by Stephen Moyer) is reincarnated but Sookie (played by Anna Paquin) and Eric (played by Alexander Skarsgard) are not sure so they keep their distance. Andy (played by Chris Bauer) is getting adjusted to being father to four human-faerie hybrids.

Episode 2: The Sun: Sookie and Jason (played by Ryan Kwanten) meet up with a relative they have not seen in forever. Tara (played by Rutina Wesley) falls victim to the government’s latest weapon.

Episode 3: You’re No Good: Bill wants to see the extent of his powers. Eric decides it is time to do something about Governor Burrell’s (played by Arliss Howard) hostility towards vampires.

Episode 4: At Last: Sookie decides to deal with her attraction to Ben (played by Robert Kazinsky) by inviting him over for dinner. Eric seeks revenge on the Governor by going after what he loves most.

Episode 5: F… The Pain Away: Sookie wants to learn more about her past so she asks Lafayette (played by Nelsan Ellis) to contact her parents. Eric and Tara go a long way to try and keep Pam (played by Kristin Bauer) safe.

Episode 6: Don’t You Feel Me: Sookie runs away to the land of fae in order to escape Bill’s influence. Andy gives names to his faerie daughters.

Episode 7: In the Evening: A tragedy leads to Sam (played by Sam Trammnell) returning to Bon Temps. Eric aligns himself with Bill to keep Nora (played by Lucy Griffiths) safe.

Episode 8: Dead Meat: Sookie is not sure about brokering a deal between Bill and Warlow. At any cost Sarah (played by Anna Camp) wants to keep the Tru Blood flowing.

Episode 9: Life Matters: Sookie is angry with Bill as he attempts to Warlow away from the faerie plain. When he arrives at the vampire camp Eric has revenge on his mind.

Episode 10: Radioactive: Sookie wonders what her future with Warlow will bring. Bon Temps prepares itself for something that will put both vampires and humans in danger.

Special Features: Inside the Episodes, Vamp Camp Files, True Blood Lines, Digital Copy

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