Hell on Wheels: Season 3 – Blu-ray Edition

hell on wheels season 3A former Confederate soldier and former slave owner is haunted by the death of his wife has now made a life for himself in Hell on Wheels. He takes a job working on the construction of the First Continental Railroad. As a foreman Cullen Bohannon (played by Anson Mount) uses his hatred for the men that did this heinous crime to drive him to do what he has to find them.

Once you start watching this series, set in the Wild West, you’ll be hooked. Each episode will drag you deeper and deeper into its world. It keeps you hanging on because you want to know what will happen next but don’t try guessing as that will just be a waste of time. The look of it is great, right up there with the best on television.

Episode 1: Big Bad Wolf: At the end of the hard winter, Cullen and Elam (played by Common) travel to New York to make sure they have their jobs with the railroad company. Durant (played by Colm Meaney) keeps up his fight for what he believes to be his even from prison.

Episode 2: Eminent Domain: A reporter arrives in Hell on Wheels. Elam has some problems with his new boss.

Episode 3: Range War: Cullen and Elam look for their stolen food out on the prairie. Elam’s family is threatened by the arrival of a stranger.

Episode 4: The Game: A railroad accident forces Cullen and Elam to look for a new source of lumber. Louise (played by Jennifer Ferrin) finds out a secret about Cullen from Durant.

Episode 5: Searchers: Elam gets Cullen’s help to track down a dangerous criminal. The town gets ready to move down the tracks.

Episode 6: One Less Mule: Cullen’s job is put in jeopardy by Durant filing an injunction against Union Pacific. A dangerous newcomer has to be dealt with by Elam.

Episode 7: Cholera: A cholera epidemic breaks out. Cullen has to find fresh water before all his employees die.

Episode 8: It Happened in Boston: Cullen’s workers have gone on to the Mormons. He now needs Durant’s help getting them back.

Episode 9: Fathers and Sins: It is only two days away from General Grant’s and Cullen and Elam make a visit to Durant. Cheyenne is attacked by a gang of riders.

Episode 10: Got Behind the Mule: Elam launches a rescue attempt. Just before the deadline Durant meets with the board from Union Pacific.

Special Features: A Look At Season 3, Where Season 2 Left Off, Four Behind-the-Scenes Featurettes, Ten “Inside the Episode” Featurettes

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