Orphan Black: Season Two – Blu-ray Edition

orphan black season 2Part of BBC America’s Supernatural Saturday line-up, this Canadian production has made a star out of its leading woman, Tatiana Maslany. For her work in Orphan Black, in which she plays multiple characters, she has recently received Golden Globe and People’s Choice Nominations, Canadian Screen Actor Award, Critic’s Choice Best Dramatic Actress Award and a Young Hollywood Award for Breakthrough Performance.

Sarah (played by Tatiana Maslany) is homeless and one day sees a woman who looks just like her commit suicide. In a panicked state she just picks up the woman’s purse and runs. She assumes the identity of the woman and discovers they are clones. More mind blowing is the fact that there are more clones out there. Once she thinks she has the answer to things another mystery pops up.

Episode 1: Nature Under Constraint and Vexed: Sarah seems to have run out of options and so she is on the run from those pursuing her. She thinks that the clone Rachel (played by Tatiana Maslany) is responsible for the disappearance of Kira (played by Skyler Wexler).

Episode 2: Governed By Sound Reason and True Religion: Sarah gets Art (played by Kevin Hanchard) to help her find Kira. Alison (played by Tatiana Maslany) is having trouble coping with Aynsely’s (played by Natalie Linsinska) death.

Episode 3: Mingling Its Own Nature With It: While on the road Sarah is forced into turning to someone from her past. When that goes horribly wrong she begins to believe that she will never be able to outrun her problems.

Episode 4: Governed As It Were By Chance: Sarah returns home in the search for answers. With some help from Cosima (played by Tatiana Maslany) she tries to find out how the clone experiment started.

Episode 5: Ipsa Scientia Potestas Est: Rachel is out for revenge and goes after those who Sarah is closest to. Sarah does her best to keep them safe despite some interference by an unexpected visitor.

Episode 6: To Hound Nature in Her Wanderings: Sarah teams up with someone unexpected. Cosima and Delphine (played by Evelyne Brochu) discover something that might help cure Cosima’s illness.

Episode 7: Knowledge of Causes, And Secret Motion of Things: A friend in rehab betrays Alison sending her on a downward spiral. The clones get together to try and limit the damage.

Episode 8: Variable and Full Perturbation: At Felix’s (played by Jordan Gavaris) door is a new player in the clone conspiracy. Sarah is in a dilemma over whether to surrender an important piece of leverage.

Episode 9: Things Which Have Never Yet Been Done: Cosima’s health gets worse sending Sarah into panic mode. The Proletheans execute their basic plan.

Episode 10: By Means Which Have Never Yet Been Tried: Rachel puts into action her latest plan and it forces Sarah’s surrender. The Clone Club tries to save her.

Special Features: Exclusive – Making of the 4 Clone Scene: Plus an extended version of the scene with running commentary from co-creator/writer Graeme Manson and co-creator/director John Fawcett, who share their vision, Orphan Black: “The Cloneversation”, Clone Club – Character Profiles,The Two Clone Smackdown, Script to Screen, Hair and makeup featurette

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