Rugrats: Outdoor Shenanigans

Been around for a good long while
Been around for a good long while

Many out there who now have kids of their own remembering watching the Rugrats when they were younger. Watching it now with their own kids is bound to be a nostalgic experience. Take this walk down memory lane with Chucky, Toby, Dilly, Tommy, Angelica and Grandpa. A great DVD to put on when it is raining and the kids cannot go outside. Will keep them occupied for a good while.


Episode 1: Discovering America: Aunt Miriam and Grandpa are back from their trip around America. All the kids are interested in are the souvenirs. Chucky and Toby decide to travel around the backyard in order to get a souvenir for Dilly when his goes missing.


Episode 2: Barbeque Story: The kids are bored during the bbq. Tommy wants to play with his new favourite toy – his ball. He gets upset when Angelica throws it over the fence. Tommy plots a way to get it back even though it is in the next yard.


Episode 3: Moose Country: Grandpa entertains the kids while babysitting them with moose stories. When Grandpa falls asleep Tommy plans the kids’ escape from the playpen. Once out they all go looking for moose.


Episode 4: Sand Ho!: While watching the kids Grandpa reads them a pirate story. After he falls asleep the kids in an effort to become real pirates set off in search of treasure.


Episode 5: Gold Rush: After Chucky finds a nickel in the sand all the kids start looking for more buried money. Mistrust soon begins to divide and conquer.



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