Neon Trees – Pop Psychology

Hipsters in a good sense of the word
Hipsters in a good sense of the word

Modern rock via Utah. Not something you would expect but sometimes it is the unexpected things which are most gratifying. The fact that they work in some New Wave and 80s synth makes it all that much more delectable. Like the musicians they look up to like Bowie and Peter Gabriel there is a mixture of art and music going on. Whether it is sunny or cloudy due to the pain of a break up, the songs all are enjoyable. You will not be able to resist singing along and on the peppier numbers breaking out a dance move or two. They demonstrate that songs can at the same time be fun as well as have some depth to the lyrics. While it might take a little while to grow on you there are several songs on the album that you will wake up with in your head as they are so catchy. Stand outs include “Love in the 21st Century” and the album’s first single, “Sleeping With a Friend”. The cleverly titled Pop Psychology is Neon Trees third album and while not really a departure from their first two, it is probably their strongest overall.

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