Rugrats: Reptar Returns!

Cute and kid-friendly
Cute and kid-friendly

These kids have the wildest imaginations which lead to the craziest adventures. The Rugrats’ minds take them to far off places to experience wonderful things. They will take the little ones with them on the adventures that are filled with wonder and fun.


Episode 1: Runaway Reptar: The kids are all at the drive-in to watch the latest Reptar movie. All are disappointed when Reptar turns out not to be the hero they thought. They use Tommy’s Reptar car to travel to Tokyo to find out what’s going on.


Episode 2: Reptar 2010: The kids and Grandpa settle in to watch an episode of Reptar 2010. When the VCR malfunctions it seems like they won’t find out what happens to Reptar. Chucky takes over the telling of the end of the story.


Episode 3: The Big Showdown: Mom thinks that the babies are being overexposed to Reptar. So she introduces them to Goober the Gopher. Tommy is upset when Chucky says he prefers Goober.

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