Boston – Life, Love & Hope

Too long a wait for this inferior a product
Too long a wait for this inferior a product

It has been ten years since Boston has given new material to their fans. Well, the wait is over as they give us Life, Love & Hope. Things have not changed in the least. That is except for one thing – the energy. Because of that one little (and yet not so little) ingredient it throws the whole thing off. They maintain the classic rock sound that has served them well over the years and yet because of some poor production choices it sounds below par. At times it sounds like was recorded underwater. The entire focus is on the guitar and vocals. The guitarwork by Tom Scholz is second to none (one plus) and the use of multiple vocalists like Brad Delp, Kimberley Dahme, David Victor and Tommy DeCarlo provide enough variety that it keeps the songs from totally putting you to sleep. There is an attempt at uplifting running theme throughout the album about how traumatic events can shape our lives though it ends up falling on deaf ears as no one likes being hit over the head repeatedly with things. And did they think we wouldn’t notice that three of the songs on the album have been previously released? Hmmph!

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