Bubble Guppies: Get Ready for…School!

Aimed at preschoolers
Aimed at preschoolers

We are already in August and that means just a few more weeks of summer. Parents are getting tired while kids are dreading the end of their carefree days. September is just around the corner – can’t come soon enough for parents – and that means returning to school. Nickelodeon’s popular Bubble Guppies latest DVD will serve two purposes for weary parents in that it will keep the young ones occupied and quiet for a while and will also educate them about school and what goes on there. Colourful and filled with catchy songs, the Bubble Guppies is totally kid appropriate.


Episode 1: Get Ready for School!: Oona is worried about Avi as he is going to school for the first time. Avi himself does not know what to expect. The Bubble Guppies show everyone the ropes and how much fun school can be.


Episode 2: Good Morning, Mr. Grumpfish!: The Bubble Guppies have a substitute teacher and his name is Mr. Grumpfish. He is a tough nut to crack for the students as he does not seem to like anything. The Bubble Guppies keep trying to find something he agrees is worth singing about.


Episode 3: Good Hair Day!: Today is Picture Day and Gil needs a haircut as his has grown too long. This might not be possible as when Gil arrives at the hair salon the line-up is very long. Molly and the other Guppies will have to work together to help the hairdresser get through everyone.


Episode 4: Check It Out!: Gil is upset as he has lost his library card. Gil and the Guppies undertake looking through all the books that he recently returned for it. For many Guppies this is their first trip to the library so they also learn about it.


Episode 5: Construction Psyched!: Goby has lost his toy dump truck at the construction site. He is going to need his whole class and teacher’s help retracing his steps in order to find it. They have to do so before the bulldozer crushes it.


Episode 6: The Moon Rocks!: The Bubble Guppies are going to learn all about the solar system.


Special Features: Music Videos: Get Ready for School, Pencil Case, A Real Pencil Case Inside

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