Bad Grandpa.5 – Blu-ray Edition

New perspective on the world of Irving Zisman
New perspective on the world of Irving Zisman

Why is it that Johnny Knoxville and his Jackass pals insist on money grabbing?  For each film they make there is several DVD releases.  The latest was Bad Grandpa which was originally released in 2013 and now we get Bad Grandpa.5 in 2014.  If you are expecting a new film then you will be disappointed as this is just a series of scenes or skits that did not make the original film.  So basically something that should have been in the special features of the original DVD release is something they are expecting you to shell out more money for.  Not sure about this.


The extra scenes that did not make the film are rounded out with interviews with Bad Grandpa himself, Johnny Knoxville along with director Jeff Tremaine and screenwriter Spike Jonze.  Most interesting was getting to know Spike Jonze (director of Her and Being John Malkovich) and how much he contributes to the whole thing.  The guy really is fearless dressing up as Irving’s contemporary, Gloria.  They also give you the evolution of the character of Irving Zisman or Bad Grandpa himself.  The changes in the behaviour of Irving as well as the advancements in the make-up making the character more believable.  The make-up got so good that it earned an Oscar nomination this year for Stephen Prouty in the Best Make Up and Hairstyling category.


You can understand why the scenes that did not make it to the film were cut as they certainly are not of the calibre of those that made the final product.  What I did enjoy were the scenes involving excellent actress Catherine Keener (Begin Again, Captain Phillips) as Irving’s wife, Ellie and director Spike Jonze showing he has skills at cross-dressing improv.


Special Features:

-Round Table Interview

-Casting Billy

-Deleted Scenes