Workaholics: Season Four – Blu-ray Edition

Three twenty-somethings still living like they are in college
Three twenty-somethings still living like they are in college

If you have come across more perfect examples of boys in men’s bodies than the three main characters of this Comedy Central half hour show then I would (or wouldn’t) like to meet them. Adam (played by Adam DeVine), Blake (played by Blake Anderson) and Ders (played by Anders Holm) are in their late twenties, roommates and work as telemarketers for a company that does I don’t know what. At a time in most people’s lives where they are maturing, learning how to live away from their parents and settling down these guys are doing the exact opposite. In other words, they are twentysomething kids.  The three live to work as little as possible, party as hard as they can and do the stupidest stuff known to man. All this is fine and dandy if you enjoy watching them get into trouble in each episode and then somehow despite themselves get out of it just as frequently.   Episode 1: Orgazmo Birth: A co-worker (played by Erik Griffin) who Adam, Blake and Ders would not be caught dead hanging around with is so desperate to get out of the house and away from his very pregnant wife (played by Alex Borstein) buys the guys tickets to an EDM festival with the proviso that they hang out with him. Broke, the guys agree but on the day of a baby shower puts a spoke in their rave wheels. Stuck at the show their Molly and strawberry soda concoction provides the necessary fuel for a crazy party.   Episode 2:  Fry Guys:  Blake is upset when the koi fish all die. In order to cheer him up Ders suggests a fish fry to honour the fallen fish. Alice (played by Maribeth Monroe), who has just been dumped by her well-endowed boyfriend, cancels the fish fry so the guys set about finding her a well-endowed replacement.   Episode 3: Snackers: Alice is tired of hearing complaints about the snacks in the break room so she decides that someone will be elected to be in charge of it. The guys back Jillian (played by Jillian Bell). When she wins they are worse off than before due to her controlling nature.   Episode 4: Miss BS: The guys are intimidated by a girl at the bus stop. She becomes important to them later. They invite television celebrity Miss BS (played by Erinn Hayes) to attend their fundraiser. She ends up spending the day with the guys at work and they end up on her show.   Episode 5: Three and a Half Men: The guys want to make a film. They settle on making a documentary of Karl (played by Kyle Newacheck) cutting off his penis. Blake decides, and Karl agrees, that he is going to have the member attached to his body.   Episode 6: Brociopath: The guys host a party for college kids at their place but it looks like it is going to be a bust when the power goes out due to Blake forgetting it was his turn to pay the bill. Then Stan (played by Will Greenberg) a former frat brother’s Jungle Party Rules save things. For this frat guy, however, the party never stops.   Episode 7: We Be Clownin’: Too lazy to build a slide for their pool the guys post a job on Task Rabbit. To pay for the work they decide to take a simple job of their own. Though maybe working as clowns at kids’ birthday parties is not as simple as they think?   Episode 8: Beer Heist: Blake and Adam attempt to steal beer to impress some underage girls. They end up locked in the beer truck and driven to the factory. This doesn’t stop them from wanting to carry out their plan, though, as it just gets larger scale.   Episode 9: Best Buds: It is Tuesday and Adam points out they did not smoke last week’s weed. To rectify this, the guys decide to have a bong fire. Karl tells them he is now legit and is planning to run a weed pharmacy. The guys quit their jobs to work there.   Episode 10: Time Chair: If the guys get there first they can have a free massage chair. To accomplish that they steal go-karts from the employee appreciation event at the company next door. The race is on!   Episode 11: The One Where The Guys Play Basketball and Do the “Friends” Title Thing: The guys are playing in a 3-on-3 basketball tournament at work. A two day trip to Reno is up for grabs. Adam takes steroids and ends up in the hospital leaving Ders and Blake one man short.   Episode 12: DeputyDong: The guys plot a way to get back at their online gaming foe, DeputyDong (played by Kevin Heffernan). He turns out to be a cop. Once on the inside they get some help from an unlikely source.   Episode 13: Friendship Anniversary: When their lease renewal comes the guys celebrate their seventh anniversary living together.  At their celebratory dinner a fight breaks out. They end up each going their own way.   Special Features: Outtakes, Deleted and Alternate Scenes, Promos for Season 4

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