Double the fun

Double the fun

I think I am one of the few film fans who had not seen any of the Crocodile Dundee films. As they were made between fifteen and twenty years ago when I came to watch them now I did not hold out the strongest of belief that they had held up well over time. I was pleasantly surprised when I ended up enjoying the original. While it was no masterpiece it certainly made me smile and even chuckle on a few occasions. Crocodile Dundee II certainly wasn’t as good as the antics that had made you laugh in the first one were now wearing a little thin. Yes, there are plenty of stereotypes about Australians as well as aboriginals and how does Linda Kozlowski manage to look so put together in the middle of the Outback? Nevertheless these two films are filled with good fun.


Crocodile Dundee directed by Peter Faiman:

This was the most successful at the box office comedy film of 1986. New York newspaper reporter Sue Charlton (played by Linda Kozlowski) has been traveling around the globe digging up stories to write on. Her last will be in Australia writing about a man who took on a crocodile with his bare hands and lived to tell the tale. Once she meets Michael J. “Crocodile” Dundee (played by Paul Hogan) she understands why.


Dundee is a white man who was brought up by aboriginals in the depths of the Australian Outback. Within this rough landscape Dundee is in his element and can fight off crocodiles, hypnotize giant water buffalo and drink ten times more than anyone without showing the ill effects. While showing Linda where the crocodile attack took place (it takes a couple of days to hike there) he wards off yahoos shooting kangaroos and saves Sue from being eaten by a crocodile.


It is when Sue suggests she take him back to New York to continue the story with one about his adapting to the big city that Dundee is like a fish out of water. The guy has never even been on an escalator!


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Crocodile Dundee II directed by John Cornell:


Crocodile Dundee is trying to adjust to living in New York. He has made plenty of friends at the local bar and is seen as a cool guy by the kids at the neighbourhood playground but the time has come for Dundee to find a job.


When leaving the apartment one morning to begin his job hunt he is runs into the post man who gives him a letter for Sue.  What he does not know is that inside that letter is a roll of film sent to Sue by her ex-husband, Bob (played by Dennis Boutsikaris). On that roll there are pictures of Colombian drug lord Luis Rico (played by Hechter Ubarry) executing a man.  Needless to say Rico wants those pictures and will do anything to get them. In order to protect Sue Dundee brings her back to his turf – the Australian Outback.


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