Judas Priest – Redeemer of Souls

judas priest redeemer of soulsBecause their last album did not do well Judas Priest have decided to go back to their roots. You will think you have been transported back to Judas Priest of the seventies due to the sound. The songs on this album are full assaults on your ears. To fully appreciate what they have created you have to turn the volume up to eleven to catch every nuance. In other words, classic metal music. Guitars are pounding and Rob Halford’s vocals are soaring. Newish member Richie Faulkner is really up to snuff with his guitar work. He proves he has the talent to be the lead guitarist in Judas Priest and what that entails. Being one of the seminal bands of metal music Judas Priest can record this type of music without seeming lazy. They helped form the sound so they can return to that well without being criticized for it. It is the type of album that takes a few listens to sink in. Meaning that the thirteen tracks will grow on you with repeated listens. Then they will worm their way into your brain to remain there for a good long while. Yes, metal can be catchy!


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