Sex Tape

Rated R? Really?
Rated R? Really?

I hate to say this because the guy is thoroughly likable, but Jason Segal is in danger of falling into the Will Ferrell category if he doesn’t change things up soon.  Every role he takes on is only a slightly different character than his previous film.  Can you say typecasting?  I think there is much more there that he hasn’t delved into and we haven’t had the opportunity to see.  We both deserve better.


Married couple Jay (Jason Segal – from television’s How I Met Your Mother) and Annie (Cameron Diaz – The Mask, The Other Woman) met while in college and bonded over out of this world sexual chemistry.  They put rabbits to shame they were hooking up so often.  After they got married, had been together a decade and had a couple of kids the sex part of their relationship slowed down.  Both decide that they are going to do something to reignite the spark, but what?


During a failed romantic evening with the goal of getting it on like they used to, Jay and Annie decide to make a sex tape.  It is not going to be your ordinary sex tape either as they plan to record themselves doing every position in The Joy of Sex.  One drink after another leads to a lessening of their inhibitions and they off!


The next day everything is pretty much a blur, but they figure it must have gone well.  A mix-up leads to that video getting out to Annie’s parents, their best friends and even the mailman on iPads that Jay has given out.  Jay clues in to this because he receives a threatening email asking for money or the video will be made public.  Jay and Annie have to first remember who has an iPad and figure out a way to get them back before they become Internet sensations…or not.


Cameron Diaz is okay in her role and tries her best, but no one’s best would have been good enough to rescue this mess.  First off, it is a rather tired premise and filled with efforts at comedy that you can see coming from a mile off.  Nary an original idea or word is uttered. Nothing to set it apart from any of the verging on raunchy comedies that have been released by the dozens lately.  There might be two good scenes total in the 95 minute run time.  Director Jake Kasdan (Bad Teacher, Orange County) teases us with scenes that have potential then scenes come crashing down.  Second, there is precious little sexual chemistry between Diaz and Segal.  The romantic stuff between them just comes off as awkward which doesn’t lend to the believability of the story.  And finally, maybe because of all the weight he lost in order to make it somewhat believable that a guy like him could snag a girl like Cameron Diaz, Jason Segal just looks gaunt and tired throughout the film or maybe that was embarrassment as he realized during filming that a script he co-wrote was falling flat on its tukus.

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