Unforgettable: The Second Season

Short season with some punch
Short season with some punch

Despite underperforming in its first season Unforgettable was granted a reprise and a second season. With a new lease on life they come back with a few differences. Al (played by Dylan Walsh) and Carrie (played by Poppy Montgomery) are moving to the big times of the Major Crimes division in Manhattan and as a result there are a couple of new characters introduced. Once again Carrie uses her rare medical condition in which she cannot forget anything she has seen to help solve crimes as a New York City police detective.


Episode 1: Bigtime: Al and Carrie are asked to join the Major Crimes section of the NYPD and work on high profile cases. Their first case involves an abduction of a child which hits close to home for Carrie.


Episode 2: Incognito: Carrie goes undercover as a member of a gang of bank robbers. She is doing this in order to find out the identity of the mysterious leader.


Episode 3: Day of the Jackie: Carrie and Al are working on the murder of a businessman. The trail of clues soon leads them to realize that the actual target was a West Indian diplomat.


Episode 4: Memory Kings: The doctor who helped Carrie deal with her gift is found dead and it is believed to be a suicide. Carrie does not believe he would take his own life and so she interviews his former patients.


Episode 5: Past Tense: An Afghani cab driver is killed and the case is assigned to Carrie and Al. It becomes more involved than a simple murder when they uncover he was a government informer.


Episode 6: Line Up or Shut Up: The body of a young man is discovered in the driver’s seat of a very expensive sports car. The car was purchased by a Swiss diplomat and as Carrie and Al get deeper into the case they uncover several motives for murder.


Episode 7: Maps + Legends: Carrie and Al work on a case involving the murder of an urban explorer. The murder case becomes tied with a rumour about treasure buried under the streets of New York.


Episode 8: Till Death: Carrie and Al go undercover as newlyweds in the hope of drawing out a serial killer that targets married couples. Al believes the case is linked to some unsolved murders he worked on years ago.


Episode 9: Flesh and Blood: International assassin Jackie (played by Annika Boras) is back in the United States and this time Carrie is determined not to allow her to slip through her fingers. The NYPD, ICA and the FBI work together on the case as it involves a nuclear threat.


Episode 10: Manhunt: One of New York’s most famous criminals is being hunted by the NYPD. Carrie believes that he was wrongly found guilty.


Episode 11: East of Islip: Carrie, Al and the rest of the team spend the weekend in the Hampton’s in Eliot’s (played by Dallas Roberts) cottage; it is a working vacation, however. They are working on the murder of a young girl whose body washed up on the beach.


Episode 12: Omega Hour: A terrorist breaks into the NYPD computer systems and take hostage an entire party in which the mayor (played by Frankie Faison), Eliot, Carrie and Joanne (played by Jane Curtin) are all in attendance. Carrie and Joanne manage to escape the notice of the terrorists and work with Al and the team from the inside.


Episode 13: Reunion: Al goes with Carrie to her twentieth high school reunion. While there a former classmate is murdered and Carrie and Al have a case to work on.


Special Features: An Unforgettable Reboot, Deleted Scene, Unbreakable: The Cast + Crew of Season 2, Unstoppable Action, Gag Reel

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