john mellancamp performs trouble no more live at town hallThe U.S. had just started an offensive in Iraq and so John Mellencamp’s show filled with folk and blues covers seemed to be appropriate at the time. We are now eleven years later and not much has changed in that the songs still ring true. This was another time and yet the songs and their sentiment still resonate. I guess that is why this is called timeless music. Little Bastard and his band are incredibly tight and the whole set features a collection of musicians on fire. While listening to the cover of Bob Dylan’s “Highway 61 Revisited” I thought my player would melt it was that hot. It also lets those not in the know in on how great Mellencamp is live. He performs Trouble No More in its entirety as well as some rearranged versions of a few of his own classics like “Small Town”, “Pink Houses” and “Paper in Fire”. An album filled with Mellencamp playing this type of music shows his true genius. The weight of having to move copies is obviously off his shoulders and the artist shines through. It also is perfect example of the power of music.