Boardwalk Empire: The Complete Fourth Season – Blu-ray Edition

boardwalk empire the complete fourth seasonMore violence and more character study in the fourth season of the HBO hit Boardwalk Empire. Amazingly the story about Atlantic City gangster Nucky Thompson operating in the 1920s started off strong and has gotten even better each season. Each season the story remains strong and they add a couple of new supporting characters that add layers to the already involved story. This is added to the great sets, costumes and writing. Despite all this the number one reason to watch the show is to see Steve Buschemi’s portrayal of Nucky. He is excellent and fully deserves all the acclaim he has received.


Episode 1: New York Sour: Coming off his clash with Gyp Rosetti, Nucky makes a peace offering to Joe Masseria (played by Ivo Nandi). Chalky (played by Michael K. Williams) has his hands full running the Onyx Club on the Boardwalk.


Episode 2: Resignation: Van Alden (played by Michael Shannon) is instructed to keep an eye on Al Capone (played by Stephen Graham). With the opportunity for some business, Nucky leaves for Florida.


Episode 3: Acres of Diamonds: Nucky has some doubts about the potential land deal between himself and bootlegger Bill McCoy (played by Pearce Bunting). In order to impress a business associate, Gillian (played by Gretchen Mol) agrees to pose as Roy Phillip’s (played by Ron Livingston) wife.


Episode 4: All In: While playing cards Nucky gets a better picture of Arnold Rothstein (played by Arnold Stuhlbarg). Chalky’s eye is caught by Daughter Maitland (played by Margot Bingham).


Episode 5: Erlkonig: Nucky has to travel to Philadelphia to deal with Willie’s (played by Ben Rosenfield) prank gone wrong. On Election Day Van Alden works for Al Capone.


Episode 6: The North Star: Nucky has a reunion of sorts with Margaret in New York. Chalky takes out his frustrations on Daughter Maitland.


Episode 7: William Wilson: Roy Phillips helps Gillian go cold turkey. Al Capone is still furious about the death of his brother and tries to get one gangster to turn on another.


Episode 8: The Old Ship of Zion: Chalky and Narcisse (played by Jeffrey Wright) class over the control of the Northside. Nucky gets something unexpected in his shipment from Florida.


Episode 9: Marriage and Hunting: Nucky will not stand behind Chalky in his battle with Narcisse. Van Alden stands up to Al Capone and tells O’Banion (played by Arron shiver) the truth.


Episode 10: White Horse Pike: In order to make things better for her family Margaret thinks about making a deal with Rothstein. Al Capone’s suspicion of Torrio (played by Greg Antonacci) grows.


Episode 11: Havre de Grace: Chalky and Daughter have to go on the lam and take shelter with Oscar Boneau (played by Louis Gossett Jr.). Gillian is thinking about selling her mansion and starting a life with Roy Phillips.


Episode 12: Farewell Daddy Blues: Agent Knox (played by Brain Geraghty) puts a plan in motion to take down Nucky. Chalky has a score to settle.


Special Features: Boardwalk Chronicle, PaleyFest: Made in NY Panel, The Onyx Club: A Step Back in Time, Becoming Harrow, New Characters, Scouting the Boardwalk, Season 3 Revisited

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