Trey Songz – Trigga

trey songz triggaAlbum number six from Trey Songz skates on the edge of hip hop and R&B. Rather than being a cool mixture of the two that works it is somewhat messy. Most of the problem arises from the lack of maturity despite the fact that he is well into his career. Things have not changed much for this guy as his lyrics are still very sexually oriented to the point where it becomes almost laughable. The preoccupation overshadows everything and the bragging about being with numerous women at once just seems rather pathetic. If he is not going on about sex it is all about clubbing, driving around or drinking. No substance to be found here. There are two or three good tracks to be found but that is not reason enough to buy an entire album. First single “Cake” is a great song that can stand up against anything he has released but they guy has to move on in order to not become stale then irrelevant.

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