Kimbra – The Golden Echo

kimbra the golden echoA little all over the place is a way to describe the music on Kimbra’s album as it ventures into many different sounds. Now, this might sound like a panning of the Golden Echo but it is not. Listening to this (several times, please, before you make your final judgment as it takes a couple to hear all the treasures and layers in the songs) you will be hearing pop music that is all over the place and takes you on a lot of fun voyages if you are open minded enough to tag along. Not pop of the mindless variety, however. Demonstrates rather firmly that you can be a pop act and be thought of as an artist as well as not being filled with cliché ridden music. Kimbra with this cements herself as a pop act to be taken seriously. Following up a Grammy Award-winning album is never an easy thing and yet Kimbra has made it feel so with the magic woven in tracks like “90s Music” and “Miracle”. She has moved on from a more jazz pop sound on Vow to a more funky pop sound on her latest. You will fall in love with it in a slow and steady manner.

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