Revolution: The Complete Second and Final Season – Blu-ray/DVD Combo Edition

revolution the complete second seasonFemale heroines. Grit. Intelligence. Yep, these are the qualities of television shows that usually get cancelled unfortunately. Plus the fact that Elizabeth Mitchell is in it. She has been in a couple of series that did not last very long (Revolution and V) while also being in one that lasted quite a while (Lost) so she is a little hit or miss in regards to success.


The central idea behind Revolution is survival on the planet without electricity. Not as simple as you think if you take a moment to ponder it. Radars. Cell phones. Food growth. Computers. All these things and many other things we count on would be no longer available to us. Yes, this was another post-apocalyptic type show but certainly not the worst out there.


Episode 1: Born in the U.S.A.: The turning on of the power at the Tower has its repercussions. Miles (played by Billy Burke), Aaron (played by Zak Orth) and Rachel (played by Elizabeth Mitchell) are in a strange town in Texas.


Episode 2: There Will Be Blood: Charlie (played by Tracy Spiridakos) looks for Monroe (played by David Lyons). Neville (played by Giancarlo Esposito) tries to figure out a way to infiltrate The Patriots.


Episode 3: Love Story: Rachel makes an attempt to save Miles. Neville and Jason (played by JD Pardo) are attacked by a couple of refugees.


Episode 4: Patriot Games: Rachel wakes up to find the Patriots in charge of Willoughby. Miles and Rachel’s wounds are healing.


Episode 5: One Riot, One Ranger: Someone from Miles’s past resurfaces. Aaron and Rachel look into the effects of nano technology.


Episode 6: Dead Man Walking: Miles gets tired of his old friend’s methods. Aaron continues to have visions.


Episode 7: The Patriot Act: Rachel uncovers some things that are unsettling. Miles is trapped in Willoughby.


Episode 8: Come Blow Your Horn: Rachel and Gene (played by Stephen Collins) work out things in regards to their relationship. Neville takes a leap with the Patriots.


Episode 9: Everyone Says I Love You: Rachel and Gene’s relationship continues to be difficult. The visions keep coming to Aaron.


Episode 10: The Three Amigos: Monroe, Miles and Rachel travel to Mexico to try and locate Monroe’s son. Charlie and Gene keep up the search for Aaron.


Episode 11: Mis Dos Padres: Monroe has to make a decision in regards to his son. Outside of Willoughby the Patriots are building a camp.


Episode 12: Captain Trips: Gene decides to help the town of Willoughby. Miles and Monroe team up in order to survive.


Episode 13: Happy Endings: Miles takes Connor (played by Mat Vairo) and Charlie on a dangerous mission. Miles and Rachel keep an eye on things in Willoughby.


Episode 14: Fear and Loathing: Monroe and Connor have to fight to the death. Willoughby is hit by Doyle (played by Christopher Cousins).


Episode 15: Dreamcatcher: Aaron is confused when he wakes up to a world with power. Familiar faces begin reappearing.


Episode 16: Exposition Boulevard: Miles, Connor and Charlie find out the Patriots plan for Willoughby. Neville and Jason find a new partner.


Episode 17: Why We Fight: Monroe uses an opportunity to surprise the Patriots. Gene and Miles search through Willoughby for allies.


Episode 18: Austin City Limits: Jason, Miles, Charlie, Connor and Monroe head to Austin in order to try and stop the Patriots. Aaron becomes more and more suspicious about Priscilla’s (played by Maureen Sebastian) behaviour.


Episode 19: S#!& Happens: Miles, Monroe, Charlie and Connor attempt to escape from Austin. The Texas Rangers manage to separate Miles from the group.


Episode 20: Tomorrowland: Truman (played by Steven Culp), upon the authority of the President (played by Cotter Smith), launches a mustard gas attack on Miles and Monroe. Rachel is disappointed when Miles agrees to join Monroe.


Episode 21: Memorial Day: In her search for Aaron Rachel comes face to face with the nanotech. Miles, Charlie and Gene attempt to steal the Patriots supply of mustard gas.


Episode 22: Declaration of Independence: The Patriots are preparing for war. Miles, Charlie and Monroe attack the Patriots.


Special Features: Revolution: Heading West, Impact Revolution: Conversations with the United Nations, United Nations: The Mission Continues PSA, 2013 Comic-Con Panel, Deleted Scenes, Gag Reel, Digital Copy

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