Royal Blood – Royal Blood

royal bloodGreat grooves and rhythm are the cat’s pajamas for Royal Blood. You can tell that by selecting any of the ten tracks on their self-titled album and listening for thirty seconds. Priority number one. This is their first full-length album and they are building upon what their EP delivered to music fans. What is also clear is that these are songs that beg to be played live. Royal Blood is a rock band that demonstrates that you can play a heavy brand of music and still be catchy and melodic. This is not loud just for the sake of being loud there is lots of thought going on here. Yes, it is raw sounding but if you listen to the lyrics they are a band that has something to say. Hard to believe that just two guys (Ben Thatcher and Mike Kerr) can creature such a full sound. And while some of you out there might lazily cast them aside as rippers off of today’s brand of blues rock if you really listen closely what they are doing is totally fresh and modern. If you are an open minded fan of Black Keys or Jack White this should be right up your musical alley.

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