Mid-way Report: 2014 Montreal World Film Festival

mid-way report 2014 montreal world film festival2The 38th Montreal World Film festival is well underway. Despite the uncertainties reported in the media over the past months, the festival’s organizers have managed to keep things going strong with their usual offerings of movies from around the globe. The festival has had some interesting films so far. Whether you are interested in comedies, dramas, documentaries or even musicals, there are still plenty of films to see.

Upcoming “In Competition” films include Canadian film “Scammerhead,” directed by Dan Zukovic. The story is about an unorthodox business man named Silas Breece, who travels the world seeking funds for his projects from shady people. He somehow finds himself on the underworld’s most wanted list and has to come up with a more elaborate scheme to get out of this mess.

Japanese film “Cape Nostalgia,” directed by Izuru Narushima is also one to consider checking out. Etsuko Kashiwagi is the owner of Cape Café in a small town overlooking the sea. Locals gather there regularly to chat over coffee. In every cup she brews, is a prayer for the well-being of her customers. A local fisherman returns after several years and one of the regular patrons of the cafe is becoming more distant. Change is in the air.

If you are curious to know about the family of current U.S. president Barack Obama, the (USA/United Kingdom) co-prod. documentary “Obama Mama,” directed by Vivian Norris explores the life of his mother Stanley Ann Dunham, an extraordinary woman who travelled the world and participated in making the world a better place.

In the World Cinema category, upcoming film “Certified Halal,” a France/Algeria and Belgium co-prod tells the tale of two wedding ceremonies taking place in North Africa. Amidst all the hoopla, the families get the two brides with identical veils mixed up and both girls will stand up to the narrow views of the traditions that are being imposed on them.

For complete movie listings, you can call (514) 848-3883 or visit the festival’s website at www.ffm-montreal.org.

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