Sons of Anarchy: The Complete Sixth Season – Blu-ray Edition

sons of anarchy the complete sixth seasonGuys on motorcycles. A motorcycle gang. These things usually do not interest me. I went into this series with plenty of hesitation. Lo and behold, I ended up loving it. Because though the backbone of the story is a California motorcycle gang a la Hells Angels it is mostly about interpersonal relations. How these people get along, family issues, power struggles and life and death. Tales are interwoven with nimble fingers bringing everything together in one delightful package. Hold on to your handlebars as this second to last season is quite a ride.


Episode 1: Straw: Tara (played by Maggie Siff) and Clay (played by Ron Perlman) are still in prison.  Jax (played by CharlieHunnam) keeps moving the club towards legitimate business ventures.


Episode 2: One One Six: After a school shooting Jax has to make moves to protect the club. While his attention is diverted he doesn’t see something happening right underneath his own nose.


Episode 3: Poenitentia: The past comes back to bite some people on the butt. Inside prison Clay puts a plan in motion to gain himself some protection.


Episode 4: Wolfsangel: The compound is attacked and the Sons of Anarchy are looking for their pound of flesh. The plans of the Sons, IRA, Tara and Sherriff Toric (played by Donal Logue) all go awry.


Episode 5: The Mad King: The Sons and the IRA go head to head and it is dangerous for everyone involved. This results in the Sons having to make an alliance they are not entirely comfortable with.


Episode 6: Salvage: Jax has to deal with his past in order to set his future in motion. He, at a national meeting, informs the Sons that they are out of guns and will be looking for legitimate sources of income.


Episode 7: Sweet and Vaded: The Sons move their clubhouse to a new location. How desperate Tara is comes to light when her plan is revealed.


Episode 8: Los Fantasmas: Jax is being pulled in different directions due to family and club obligations. A terrible family tragedy makes the Sons pull in their ranks.


Episode 9: John 8:32: Tara’s miscarriage leads to different reactions from a variety of people. Jax learns some truths that shock him.


Episode 10: Huang Wu: Tara learns what her plotting will cost her. The Irish place a bump in Jax’s road for the club.


Episode 11: Aon Rud Persanta: The club makes a big move to get out of dealing guns. The relationship between Clay and Jax has reached a breaking point.


Episode 12: You Are My Sunshine: Jax’s life begins to crash down around him. SAMCRO is in danger because of Juice’s (played by Theo Rossi) depression.


Episode 13: A Mother’s Work: Tara uncovers a way to stay out of jail while holding on to what she wants. Choices Jax makes puts several people and the club in danger.


Special Features: Anarchy Afterword – Season Premiere, Deleted Scenes, Anarchy Afterword – “The Mad King”, Gag Reel, Anarchy Afterword – Season Finale, The Reaper Calls, Sons for Sandy

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