Tank – Stronger

tank strongerWith different artists it is hard to predict what is going to come next. Recently Tank had teamed up with Tyrese and Ginuwine to create a side project to his solo career called TGT. For many this was a step back for the singer. It definitely was music aimed at a young audience that did not want their music to involve stuff that made them think. Tank himself indicated he felt less that challenged. Interestingly enough it was another musician, Justin Timberlake, and his latest album that inspired Tank to get back to making music. The maturity is there on Stronger. It is still an album that is seventy-five percent about love and relationships but takes a more mature slant to the whole shebang. The emphasis is back on his voice and songwriting ability rather than his banging body and looks. The lyrics are backed up by classic dance music sounds. He obviously meant it as a tribute and it comes off well. Props, though the beats, are paid to the Jacksons, Prince, James Brown and Marvin Gaye. This is a strong R&B product. Hopefully he is inspired enough to continue along this path.

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