Haven: The Complete Fourth Season – Blu-ray Edition

haven season 4Audrey Parker (played by Emily Rose) arrived in the town of Haven, Maine a normal young woman. Once there the FBI agent who was there on what she believed to a routine case began to realize that there were some big holes in her past. A naturally curious person, Audrey begins to realize that the town of Haven has something to do with her lost past. It becomes apparent that it is a town in which people with supernatural powers tend to gravitate to. Audrey stays in Haven dealing with the townsfolk whose powers begin to emerge. She also tries to figure out her own connection to Haven. Fans of soap operas will appreciate the workings of this series.


Episode 1: Fallout: It is six months after the disappearance of Barn and Duke (played by Eric Balfour) surfaces in Boston. He takes a woman to Haven to try and find Audrey.


Episode 2: Survivors: A Troubled begins immolating the residents of Haven. Duke and Nathan (played by Lucas Bryant) halt their search for Audrey to deal with this.


Episode 3: Bad Blood: Duke tries to convince Wade (played by Christian Camargo) to leave Haven. Bodies begin turning up with their blood drained and so Nathan and Dwight (played by Adam Copeland) begin an investigation.


Episode 4: Lost and Found: Children begin disappearing in Haven and it might be related to an old legend. Duke and Jennifer (played by Emma Lahana) begin to narrow down Audrey’s location.


Episode 5: The New Girl: Nathan is put together with a new partner. He is working on a case involving a Troubled who can alter its victims’ personalities.


Episode 6: Countdown: Lexie continues to help Nathan and Duke on a case that involves a Troubled who can petrify its victims. Residents of Haven begin to be able to know the moment of their deaths.


Episode 7: Lay Me Down: Audrey and Nathan pursue a Troubled who seems to be able to invade people’s dreams. Duke searches for his brother.


Episode 8: Crush: Audrey and Nathan discover that the Troubles’ powers are changing. Haven’s residents cannot go to sleep or they will pay the price.


Episode 9: William: Dwight is kidnapped. Audrey uncovers that the kidnappers also have William (played by Colin Ferguson).


Episode 10: The Trouble with Troubles: A Troubled is able to make a new reality in which Troubles never existed. Audrey finds herself immune and has to convince Nathan and Duke she is not crazy.


Episode 11: Shot in the Dark: The Darkside Seekers come to Haven and their presence threatens to reveal the existence of the Troubles. Audrey is in the hospital so that leaves Nathan, Duke and Dwight fighting to keep Haven’s secret.


Episode 12: When the Bough Breaks: Audrey refuses to believe that she helped create the Troubles. William releases a Trouble-related curse on Haven.


Episode 13: The Lighthouse: Audrey is in peril of losing herself. The others attempt to send William back.


Special Features: Inside Haven, Haven Panel Highlights, Cast Interviews, Darkside Seekers Webisodes, Pancakes: The Morning After Deleted Scene, Behind the Scenes Reel, Blooper Reel

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