Wiz Khalifa – Blacc Hollywood

wiz khalifa blacc hollywoodSome fans like when their favourite acts evolve and change their sound over the years while others fight to their last breaths against it. For this very reason some fans turned again Wiz Khalifa when his last album, O.N.I.F.C., came out and was quite different from his debut. Having learned the lesson the hard way and listening to a section of his fan base, Wiz Khalifa is back with Blacc Hollywood which harkens back to the music he did at the beginning of his career. While I would argue that evolution is in most circumstances a good thing, you also cannot expect Shakespeare out of this guy. His limit in regards to song lyrics to a couple of topics like weed, sex and money. These are the subjects that inspire him. Like it or lump it. He seems more focused and interested in making music that could be played on radio this time out. A couple of the songs feature a pop hook and plenty of catchy melodic content. It is rap for the masses with a simplicity and lack of variety that might annoy some fans after a few listens. Wiz Khalifa seems to be caught in a game of “damned if I do and criticized if I don’t”.

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