Sinbad: Make Me Wanna Holla

sinbad make me wanna hollaIn the 90s stand-up comedian/actor Sinbad was hotter than hot.  He starred in HBO specials, movies and toured doing stand-up.  The guy was everywhere and then at the turn of the century he kinda just disappeared.  So far this century (a little dramatic, I know) he has been relegated to the status of D celebrity by being on Celebrity Apprentice and providing a voice in the animated film Planes. It got so bad that he had to declare bankruptcy in 2009.  Now he is back with his first stand-up show.


Recorded in his home state of Michigan in the city of Detroit, Make Me Wanna Holla shows that the man is still funny.  A typical Sinbad show makes you think he is making it all up on site.  It has an easy going pace to it that is more like he is having a conversation with the audience and just saying whatever comes into his mind or out of the times when he does engage in conversation with the audience.  He doesn’t really tell jokes per se; it is not that type of show. His humour comes from what he has experienced and seen.


Sinbad talks about life in general and his own life.  Within his show you leave it feeling like you know a bit about who this guy really is.  Everyone can relate to most of what he talks about on one level or another.  Good old school humour that he accomplishes without any foul language. A rarity indeed!


This version is an extended and uncensored version of the special when it aired on Comedy Central.


Set List:

1)      Black & White

2)      Got Your Hair Done

3)      Kids & Women

4)      Detroit – Like a Movie Set

5)      Commander in Chief

6)      Tough Love

7)      Diabetes & Vegetarians

8)      Women Are in Control

9)      Foot Problems

10)  Flunking Kindergarten

11)  Kids These Days

12)  It’s a Crazy World Out There

13)  The Gospel Gang

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