gaslight anthem get hurtThe latest release from the band strives to be filled with rock anthem after rock anthem. Old school raw rock ‘n roll. All of this is driven by simple lyrics and full on focus on the guitars. You can hear influences from the likes of Pearl Jam, The Who, U2 and Nirvana on different tracks. While the lyrics are easy to follow they do tell interesting stories that involve the listener. You certainly won’t grow bored of The Gaslight Anthem’s fifth album even if you listen to it over and over. To ease the worries of their longtime fans this is not too big a departure from their usual style though there is a freshness and enough of an evolution to attract some who have not previously been interested in the music of the band from New Jersey. Highlights on the album are the tracks “1,000 Years” and “Selected Poems”. The latter should be singled out for the strong vocals on it by lead singer Brian Fallon. Take it as a complete work and the album has to be listened to as such. These are not a bunch of singles just stuck together rather they form a collective. A collective that will find itself burrowing into your heart and brain as such be on high rotation on your player.