The New Pornographers – Brill Bruisers

the new pornographers brill bruisersPart pop fun and part indie rock is the best way to describe the latest album by The New Pornographers. The pop parts are a return to form for the band with its whimsy and fun. Synths are layered one over another to make a lovely, warm blanket of sound. I assume that the band really appeals to thinking female listeners as it is typically soft with gentle yet cerebral lyrics. Most songs start off slow and then build into something energetic and wonderful. While many humans find that group work is the most difficult thing you could ask of them the members of this band play well together. Our “super group” based in Vancouver is very Canadian in their comportment on the album. At least the finished product and the fact that they keep making records make me believe that. Each member of the indie collective gets their chances to shine. Neko Case is brilliant on the track “Marching Orders” while Dan Bejar is in the spotlight on “War on the East Coast”.

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