ariana grande my everythingWith the release of her sophomore album you can see the progression in twenty-one-year-old Ariana Grande. On her first album she showed that she could sing and now on the second one the production values and song selection have caught up to the voice. She has also wisely surrounded herself with talented folks like German producer Zedd, Iggy Azalea, Sean Combs, David Guetta, Ryan Tedder (of OneRepublic), Nile Rogers, Big Sean, The Weeknd, Childish Gambino, producer Benny Blanco, Juicy J, producer Max Martin and Nicki Minaj. Though you might want to lump her together with all the other young female pop songstresses today you might want to avoid that as the girl can actually sing. Though she does overdo the singing at the top of her range a little too much for my liking. At her best when she tones it down a little like on the much more subtle and aptly named album opener “Intro” before she goes into the full out stuff on the huge hit “Problem”. Then there is the only awful song on the album, “Just a Little Bit of Your Heart”, written by One Direction’s Harry Styles. My advice to Miss Grande is to stick with the legit talent as this piano ballad is pretty painful. With the diva songs and that voice it is clear whose musical path she is looking to tread up. Look out Mariah Carey as Ariana Grande is pulling up right behind you.