gunsmoke the tenth season volume 2The Old West has always been a place in which legends have cropped up and stories were born. Gambling, gunfighting, drinking, cowboys, Indians, bank robbers, ranchers, and saloon girls all are some of the things that make up the tales of the Old West. All these topics and more are delved into in the longrunning television series, Gunsmoke. Centered around the rough and tumble town of Dodge City and its U.S. Marshal Matt Dillon (played by James Arness) who does his best to keep the peace.


Episode 1: Chief Joseph: A couple of Indians including a sick chief (played by Victor Jory) arrive in Dodge City. The residents of Dodge City are not happy and things are heading towards violence.


Episode 2: Circus Trick: The circus comes to Dodge City. Matt begins to believe that the show is really a diversion to cover up something else.


Episode 3: Song For Dying: A stranger who is a singer comes to town. Trouble seems to have followed him as soon after his arrival a family comes to Dodge City looking for him for the purpose of killing him.


Episode 4: Winner Take All: Two brothers fight with one ending up dead. It is now up to Matt to find the remaining one and bring him in.


Episode 5: Eliab’s Aim: Festus’s nephew Eliab (played by James Hampton) arrives in town. With Matt away he has left Quint (played by Burt Reynolds) in charge and having to deal with the Haggens.


Episode 6: Thursday’s Child: An old friend of Kitty’s (played by Amanda Blake) arrives in town but she is only there for a short time. She is actually going off to help her deliver the baby of her outlaw son’s wife.


Episode 7: Breckinridge: An attourney arrives in Dodge City looking to set up shop. With his first client he already finds himself butting heads with Matt.


Episode 8: Bank Baby: An outlaw has big plans to rob a bank. In order to carry out his plan he needs to first steal a baby.


Episode 9: The Lady: A formerly rich woman and her niece stop in Dodge City to earn some money before heading on to a new life in San Francisco. While there the woman falls for a farmer which does not suit her niece’s plans.


Episode 10: Dry Road to Nowhere: A preacher tries to end all drinking in Dodge City. This plan does not make saloon owner Miss Kitty very happy.


Episode 11: Twenty Miles From Dodge: A stagecoach is hijacked and Miss Kitty is aboard. Matt sets out to rescue all the hostages along with his friend, Kitty.


Episode 12: The Pariah: A father shoots and kills a wanted outlaw to save his family. Afterwards he is looked upon as a hero until the entire story comes out.


Episode 13: Gilt Guilt: A widow and her son are dying from scurvy. It seems like their only hope is that Doc (played by Milburn Stone) can do something to save them.


Episode 14: Bad Lady From Brookline: A young woman and her son arrive in Dodge City looking for her husband. When she finds out he was killed in a gunfight all that is on her mind is vengeance.


Episode 15: He Who Steals: A buffalo hunter, who has not really adapted to the changes in the Old West, is found not guilty of murder. Trouble seems to be following him around when soon after someone steals his horse.