Counting Crows – Somewhere Under Wonderful

counting crows somewhere under wonderfulIt has been about twenty-five years since American band Counting Crows was at the apex of their popularity and success. Two and a half decades have gone by and it is like time has stood still for Adam Duritz and his bandmates. Somewhere Under Wonderland is the band’s seventh album and is still filled with music that is dreamy and seems like it was produced while meditating. The album kicks off with the eight plus minute long “Palisades Park” which is at the same time energetic and hopeful. Most of the album, though it does sound like music of another era harkening back to Springsteen, R.E.M. and Van Morrison, does work with only the occasional misstep. “God of Ocean Tides” is quite simply beautiful and demonstrates that ballads do not have to be syrupy or melodramatic. A simple song about life on the road. You fnd yourself fully on board for what the band is doing and then a couple of songs later is a clunker “Elvis Went to Hollywood”. It doesn’t work due to the hazy tone and obscure lyrics. You then are won back by the time the album closer “Possibility Days”, another down tempo song, with its beautiful piano and touching lyrics about the falling apart of a relationship. A nice return from a band that played a part in most rock fans catalogue of the nineties.

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