Ryan Adams – Ryan Adams

ryan adams ryan adamsAfter his 2011 release of Ashes & Fire Ryan Adams, a man who usually is very prolific, took a break for three years. His fans must have been waiting on pins and needles to see what this musical chameleon would come out with. While firmly in the alt-country rock genre he has experimented and stretched his sound from album to album; Adams never duplicates what he has done even if it was really successful. On his self-titled album he is once again investigating heartland rock. The type of blue jeans and leather jackets. It is all blue collar – the guitar, drums and lyrics all back that up. You’ll hear moments of Bon Jovi, Tom Petty, Bruce Springsteen and even The Doors on different songs. He is a master of making sad but beautiful songs and a perfect example of this is “Kim”. The acoustic guitar backs Adams’ mournful vocals in a perfect way without making it a fromage fest despite some cliché lyrics.

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