Interpol – El Pintor

interpol elpintorSince they burst onto the scene around the turn of the century New York’s Interpol became one of the leading guitar centered rock bands operating today. They are now five albums deep into their career and are still excellent. All songs still heavily feature guitars but they have added some synth into the mélange to keep things interesting. Once the first of ten tracks begins the pace is unyielding carrying you along in its energy. All pulsating, guitar riffs, thumping drums, and driving there is plenty to feed off of. On top of it all is frontman Paul Banks’ vocals. He sounds sad and yet instills liveliness into his voice so it doesn’t get too black. Atmospheric is a more apt description of what is going on. A wall of sound is what you come up against and yet it is not overwhelming as they have wisely chosen to keep the songs short and peppy. A couple songs are now in competition for the best the band has ever recorded. “My Blue Supreme” is my personal favourite but “Anywhere”, “Ancient Ways” and “My Desire” are excellent as well. Bottom line is that this is some of the loudest and biting lyrics that the band has ever recording.

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