team hot wheels the origin of awesomeA look at how Team Hot Wheels came to be. The film introduces a whole new generation of Hot Wheels cars to kids. But besides being a long commercial it also is something that kids will love. Suitable for all young kids as only the youngest will find it a little scary. For all other kids they will the bad guys more funny than scary. In regards to the humour all the elements that kids love are here like poop and burps. Plenty of potty humour. Then there is fun of the fast and cool Hot Wheels cars doing all sorts of fun things.

Four kids named Gage (voiced by Grant George), Wyatt (voiced by Nicolas Roye), Brandon (voiced by Ben Diskin) and Rhett (voiced by David Lodge) had the misfortune of being born in the slow city of Hilly Woodlands. Misfortune because they have the need for speed and the slowness of their surroundings really gets them down. On their own they are each good riders but once they join forces to become a team they become virtually unstoppable. They become Team Hot Wheels.

One day a big black car drives into town. Whatever road it drives on mysteriously turns orange after it. That is the good part. The bad part is that it causes transformations and raging monsters. Now it is up to Team Hot Wheels to save the day and the entire town in a battle against the Mutant Machines.

Special Features: Digital Copy, The Making of Team Hot Wheels: The Origin of Awesome, Team Hot Wheels Music Video