U2 – Songs of Innocence

u2 songs of innocenceAnytime Irish rock group U2 releases an album it is a big thing. The music world sits up and takes notice. Because it has been five years since their last album maybe even U2 was a little nervous about how it would be received so they gave it away from free via Apple iTunes. It reeked a little of desperation and the result was that many fans were either annoyed or indifferent so they deleted it. Despite this initial misstep those that did not discard the album were in for a rare treat – a strong album all the way through. The eleven tracks are good. All of U2’s musical influences have been incorporated in one album from punk to blues to electronica. It all adds up to a joyful ode to music. Lyrically the album tells the tale of the four growing up in Dublin, Ireland meaning it is all rather personal. It is a rough and tumble story of them living through the Troubles in that country, a beautiful tribute to Bono’s mother who died when he was fourteen (“Iris (Close to Me) or thanks to Joey Ramone and his punk band who opened the world of music for them. Completely autobiographical and gives the listener a clearer picture like never before into the hearts and minds of the four members of U2. On their thirteenth album they are middle aged men looking backwards on their lives and opening them up for us to have access to. They are clawing their way back to relevance and are most triumphant when being themselves.