hawaii five o season 4If you were to ask most people out there they would agree that the Hawaiian islands are as close to paradise on Earth as you can get. The beauty of the forests and ocean hide the criminal element of Hawaii. The special task force called Hawaii Five-O does its best to keep Hawaii safe for residents and tourists. Led by former Navy SEAL Steve McGarrett (played by Alex O’Laughlin) Five-O is comprised of former New Jersey cop Dan Williams (played by Scott Caan), former Hawaiian cop Chin Ho Kelly (played by Daniel Dae Kim) and Kono (played by Grace Park). They are helped in their job by medical examiner Dr. Max Bergman (played by Masi Oka) and Steve’s girlfriend and former naval officer, Catherine Rollins (played by Michelle Borth). Together they take on the toughest criminals and crimes that occur in Hawaii.


Episode 1: Aloha Ke Kahi I Ke Kahi (We Need Each Other): NLM members take over Five-O headquarters and steal data then turn themselves in. Five-O figures out what they are interested in is the location of Kono and Adam (played by Ian Anthony Dale).


Episode 2: A’Ale Ma’a Wau (Fish Out of Water): A Texas Ranger (played by Tim Daley) is not the murderer Danny and McGarrett believe him to be so they end up helping him find his daughter. The trouble started when her boyfriend is robbed of the $75,000 he was supposed to deliver to Hawaii.


Episode 3: Ka ‘Oia ‘I ‘O Ma Loko (The Truth Within): A wealthy young couple is killed in their home. In order to find the killer the Five-O uses the help of a conspiracy theorist named Jerry Ortega (played by Jorge Garcia), who was a high school classmate of Chin’s.


Episode 4: A Ia La Aku (From This Day Forward): A runaway bride of a wealthy groom goes missing. A man who crashed the wedding also turns up dead.


Episode 5: Kupu’Eu (Fallen Hero): Catherine and Billy (played by Justin Brueuning) are doing a simple job that involves surveillance of a suspected cheating husband that turns very dangerous. Adam is captured in Hong Kong.


Episode 6: Kupouli’La (Broken): A zombie-like man turns up at a Halloween party that Max is at. The investigation leads the Five-O to suspect a doctor is conducting human experiments.


Episode 7: Va Nalohia (In Deep): An ATF agent who was undercover is found dead on a beach. Catherine becomes a member of Five-O.


Episode 8: Akanahe (Reluctant Partners): The governor forces McGarrett and Grover (played by Chi McBride) to work together serving a warrant on a young man. He turns out to be a hacker who is threatening to bring down a plane if they don’t release him.


Episode 9: Hau’oli a Ho’Omaika (Happy Thanksgiving): A secret service agent is killed and the Five-O is called in to investigate. It is imperative that they locate the killer as the President is going to be in Hawaii very shortly.


Episode 10: Ho’Onani Makuankane (Honor Thy Father): McGarrett stops a man who was an internment camp survivor from killing a veteran who he thinks killed his father. It also turns out the man is connected to McGarrett’s grandfather.


Episode 11: Pukana (Keepsake): A couple of days before Christmas a dead body turns up in the trunk of a car. While investigating the death Chin is taken hostage.


Episode 12: O Kula Me Keia Manawa (Now and Then): It is discovered that a friend of Grover’s is a wanted man in Illinois and he is now on the run. He is thought to have killed a gangbanger who attacked him.


Episode 13: Hana Lokomaika’ (The Favor): A murder leads to Chin being investigated by Internal Affairs concerning his brother-in-law. It turns out he killed Chin’s father and is now the head of a drug cartel.


Episode 14: Na Hala A Ka Makua (Sins of the Father): An escaped convict (played by Michael Madsen) kidnaps McGarrett and Danny in order to prove to them he is innocent. A problem arises when the man who could prove this is found dead.


Episode 15: Pale’La (Buried Secrets): The Five-O begins the investigation of a murder after a real estate agent is found in the wall of one of the properties he sold. Danny’s mother (played by Melanie Griffiths) comes for a visit and tells him she is getting a divorce from his father.


Episode 16: Hoku Wewwelo (Fire in the Sky): A trio of murders seems to be related to the downing of a Chinese spy satellite. The Five-O begins working with a Chinese spy in order to uncover who is responsible.


Episode 17: Ma Lalo O Ka’Ili (Beneath the Surface): A man is murdered and it seems like his teenage daughter is kidnapped. Danny attempts to get his parents back together.


Episode 18: Ho’I Hou – Fan Built Five-O (Reunited): A classmate and the daughter of a wealthy man is murdered at Jerry and Chin’s high school reunion. McGarrett and Danny, while trying o find out more about McGarrett’s mother, find a clue at a burial site in Cambodia.


Episode 19: Ku I Ka Pili Koko (Blood Brothers): After a bomb explodes McGarrett and Danny are trapped under a building. The brother of the inmate who gave McGarrett the tip is killed in the explosion.


Episode 20: Pe’Epe’E Känaka (Those Among Us): The Five-O begin an investigation of a murdered pool cleaner. It leads them to a possible terrorist attack on the United States by students.


Episode 21: Makani’Olu A Holo Malie (Fair Wind and Following Seas): McGarrrett and Catherine go to Afghanistan when a man who saved her life years ago calls to tell her the Taliban have abducted his son. The Five-O works on a case involving a murder and the stealing of an organ meant for transplant.


Episode 22: O Ka Pili’Ohana Ka’Oi (Family Comes First): Grover’s daughter is kidnapped by an old foe. Grover is forced to steal $100 million to get his daughter back. Wo Fat (played by Mark Dacascos) escapes from prison.


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