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meghan trainor titleThere has been plenty of debate recently about feminism in music. Or rather, whether Beyonce is a feminist. I fall firmly on the side of “Are you kidding me? Definitely not!”, but just to prove that I am another woman that you cannot quite pin down I do think that the huge late summer hit by Meghan Trainor “All About That Bass” should be considered a feminist piece. In that song that has been played every hour every day for months now on every pop music radio station in the world she sings about positive body image for women. Drives home the fact that women come in all shapes and sizes and shouldn’t be judged on their thinness or considered attractive only if they have a perfect body. All that and it is set to one of the catchiest beats you are ever gonna hear. Girl power indeed! Props to the girl who is bringing bootie back! Now how about the rest of the twenty-year-old’s debut EP, you ask? Well, there is more feminism set to girl group doo-wop beats done a la 2014. On the track “Dear Future Husband” she has the nuts to vocalize that marriage should be a meeting of equals and more radically that maybe even the man should do the cooking if he’s the one who knows how. Maybe this is the way we can get young woman today to subscribe to feminism or fight for equality of all sexes? Even if you don’t consider yourself a feminist you cannot deny the pure fun that is contained on the four tracks on Title. Meghan Trainor shows herself in this short time to be fun, witty, know how to write a catchy tune and clever. Jump on this bandwagon early.

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