The Neverending Story: 30th Anniversary – Blu-ray Edition

the neverending storyIf you are looking for a family film that will not be offensive to any member of the family then Wolfgang Petersen’s (Troy, The Perfect Storm) “The Neverending Story” is a safe pick. There have been several sequels of the film, but this one is the best of the lot.

Bastian (Barret Oliver – Cocoon, D.A.R.Y.L.) is a lonely young boy who escapes to a fantasy world to cope with life. His mother has died and His father (Gerald McRaney – from television’s Simon & Simon) doesn’t understand. He just wants the boy to get his head out of the clouds. At school Bastian has to deal with bullies who torment him.

On his way to school one morning the bullies chase him and he manages to duck into a book store to get away from them. While hiding there the book store owner shows him an old book entitled “The Neverending Story”. Despite the fact that he is warned that the book can be dangerous, when the owner turns around Bastian takes the book.

Bastian begins to read the large book in his school’s attic. Slowly he is drawn into the make believe world of Fantasia. Fantasia is searching frantically for a hero to save them. Can Bastian be that hero?

This beautiful film will pull you in just like the book does to Bastian. You will begin to believe that places like Fantasia exist, princesses are beautiful and that wonderful creatures do exist. This is a timeless story that is beautifully told. The beautiful visuals are coupled with a soundtrack that is equally wonderful. Once you see it a little part of you will stay living in Fantasia.

Special Features:

-Reimagining The Neverending Story


-Making The Neverending Story

-1984 SWR Documentary: A World of Fantasies

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