K & P3 – Blu-ray Edition

key and peele 3Sketch comedians Key and Peele are into the third season of their show and still bringing no boundaries laughs to their fans. Pop culture goes under their microscope coming out in the funniest ways with their wild and crazy way of looking at things. It is never as simple as why did the chicken cross the road with these two guys rather it is why is the chicken not wearing any pants. Odd but their persistence will wear you down and have you laughing along with their legions of fans.


Episode 1: Les Mis: Sketches include Battle Rap, Key & Peele’s Version of Les Mis, and Your Weekly Address From Barack Obama.


Episode 2: East/West Bowl Rap: Sketches include Why Do Black People Love Mafia Movies So Much?, I Got a Ratatouille, and Life is Tough For Muslim Americans.


Episode 3: Slap-Ass: Sketches includes Problems With Skype, Slave Fighting, and Black Republicans.


Episode 4: Boarding Group One: Sketches include One on One With Miz Mondez, Noiice is My Thing, and Pre Fight Press Conference: Lewis vs. Royson.


Episode 5: Obama Shutdown: Sketches include Let Me Hit That, A Night of Romance With the Obamas, and The Traveller: Amendment to the Constitution Style.


Episode 6: Cunnilingus Class: Sketches include Sport Interview Clichés, Mr. T Teaches Kids About Respect, and Parking Valets Talk Movies.


Episode 7: Sexy Vampires: Sketches include Roommate Meeting, Zombie TV Series Extras, and Continental Breakfast.


Episode 8: High on Potenuse: Sketches include That Was My Joke, Black Brothers at Othello, and Excessive Celebration in Football.


Episode 9: Tackle + Grapple: Sketches include Doug Duggart’s Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, I Already Pressed the Button, and It’s Happenin’.


Episode 10: Black Ice: Sketches include White Dude Talking to Black People, City News at 5, and Metta World News.


Episode 11: The Power of Wings: Sketches include Have You Ever Slept With a Black Guy?, Two Muslim Guys at the Gym, and Pawn Shop.


Episode 12: East/West Bowl 2: Sketches include Annual East/West Collegiate Bowl, Homophobe at Work, and New 6 Reports Live From a Cult Mass Suicide.


Episode 13: Pu$$y on the Chainwax: Sketches include Otis Carmichael’s Funeral, Mr. Mahina Said…, and People Park.


Special Features: The Van and Mike Show, The Super Episode: Best of Seasons 1 & 2, Outtakes

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