tim mcgraw sundown heaven townAt the age of 47 Tim McGraw is one of the veterans of the country music scene and so far in his career has remained country music through and through. Meaning he has resisted the pull to make a more commercial brand of pop country. Then I listened to Sundown Heaven Town and heard some Auto Tune and was like “what the?” On his thirteenth studio album he has gone over to the dark side? The track “Lookin’ For That Girl” is a pop song with some awful attempt at rap and the aforementioned voice altering technology. Disbelief aside, if you can bear it it is a catchy tune. After calming down and listening carefully to the rest of the album I realized that it was an aberration in that the twelve other tracks are exactly what you would expect from a Tim McGraw album. Meaning that it is good old boy country and while some of it works better than other stuff it is a solid album. In that it incorporates all the subjects and sounds that we have heard previously from the man, Sundown Heaven Town is a sort of greatest hits package though filled with new songs. If you know and love Tim McGraw’s music then you will be very happy with what is going on here.