american horror story coven blu rayTitle for the creepiest show on television has to go to American Horror Story. Each season they come up with new, stranger and more frightening ways to entertain us. This third season is set in New Orleans – a suitably creepy setting. On top of that it takes place at an all girls boarding school in which the student body is made up of witches. For good measure reanimated corpses and ghosts are also written into the mix. Switching it up a little writers Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk put some humour into the works making things, if possible, more campy and yet still scary.


Episode 1: Bitchcraft: Zoe (played by Taissa Farmiga), a young lady with familial links to women burned at the stake in Salem, Massachusetts, begins to display her own powers. Not knowing what to do with her, her family sends her off to a New Orleans boarding school.


Episode 2: Boy Parts: Fiona (played by Jessica Lange) tries to help Zoe and Madison (played by Emma Roberts) after tragedy strikes. Cordelia (played by Sarah Paulson) has to make a decision in regards to her family.


Episode 3: The Replacements: Fiona gains an unexpected protégé. Madison begins a disagreement with the school’s neighbour, Joan Ramsey (played by Patti LuPone).


Episode 4: Fearful Pranks Ensue: What Fiona does jeopardizes the truce between The Coven and The Voodoo. One of the members of the school is visited by the Council of Witchcraft in regards to some behaviour.


Episode 5: Burn, Witch. Burn!: Zoe discovers a new power. A battle for the control of the school takes place between Fiona and Myrtle (played by Frances Conroy).


Episode 6: The Axeman Cometh: The girls uncover that a dark spirit has been residing at the school. Zoe brings Kyle (played by Evan Peters) and Misty (played by Lily Rabe) to the school.


Episode 7: The Dead: Cordelia is forced to make a decision concerning her mother. Fiona begins a love affair.


Episode 8: The Sacred Taking: Cordelia and some of the girls attempt to stop Fiona. Marie (played by Angela Bassett) ends her feud with Delphine (played by Kathy Bates).


Episode 9: Head: Fiona finds out who blinded Cordelia and joins forces with Marie. Something from Luke’s (played by Alexandre Dreymon) past is uncovered by Nan (played by Jamie Brewer).


Episode 10: The Magical Delights of Stevie Nicks: Stevie Nicks visits the school. Madison decides to get rid of her rival.


Episode 11: Protect the Coven: Cordelia has to make a huge sacrifice in order to protect the students. Fiona and Marie go up against the Corporation.


Episode 12: Go to Hell: Marie has disappeared so Queenie (played by Gabourey Sidibe) seeks out another mentor. Fiona’s rule seems to be coming to an end.


Episode 13: The Seven Wonders: A New Supreme surfaces to replace Fiona. It seems like good will rule with evil being defeated.


Special Features: Zombie Halloween, Enter the Coven, Meet Ms. Nola