kenny chesney the big revivalAfter a misstep with his last album which was an attempt at a country-reggae mashup, country music star Kenny Chesney has put his ten gallon and cowboy boots back on to once again record a country music album. This is good old fashioned country music at its best. Many of the typical country music subjects are parts of the songs like football, God and beer and food. Down to earth is a way you can describe the man and the artist and it translates into the music he makes. A master at creating engaging and genuine music the songs are filled with energy and you believe every word Kenny Chesney is singing. Rocking country music makes up the majority of the album. If you are a fan of guitar solos then you are going to be like a pig in poop listening to The Big Revival. There are a few slower ballads thrown in for good measure but they are certainly up to par. Like the name of the album states, his fans can rest easy because he is back to sounding like Kenny Chesney.