Friends of Meadowbrook Park 25th Anniversary Party

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Les Amis du Parc Meadowbrook was established to protect Meadowbrook from development and transform it into Meadowbrook Park, a new 57-hectare urban nature heritage park, open and accessible to all, and connected through a greenway to a network of parks, including the falaise Saint-Jacques.

Two Municipal Commissions have formally recommended that it be preserved, however, Groupe Pacific, a developer, says that it plans to build 1500 condos on the Lachine portion and the City of Montreal has indicated that they might give it permission, thereby depriving residents and their children of a wonderful natural experience forever.

Meadowbrook acts as a natural air filter, cleaning the air.  It provides a stopover for migrating birds in the spring and fall and supports a broad range of birds and animals year round.


Friends of Meadowbrook has been successfully fighting condo development on the 57 hectares of the last piece of large greenspace in south-west Montreal, for over 25 years.


Additional Information:

Dance À GO-GO
25th anniversary of Les Amis du Parc Meadowbrook

7:30 pm

Royal West Academy, 189 Easton, Montreal-Ouest

Ticket: $25

For tickets, email Erica Brown at

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